Bare Arsed Facts about Crohn's DiseasePoopnDisaster

The true story about the funny and not so funny realities of living life with a shitty bowel disease.

Emergency trips to the toilet, farting out loud in a boardroom meeting, food interolerances and the other embarrasments associated with Crohn's Disease are all covered in this book - as well as tips about how to laugh it all off.

Written by Australian Crohn's sufferer Melinda Vlakancic, the book provides comfort for people with Crohn's and other digestive diseases.

"Live, love, laugh & learn are the keys to getting through it all."

Live your life well, love your friends and family (as well as your various specialists), laugh yourself silly whenever you can... and learn not to eat foods that will make you poo your pants!

Melinda Vlakancic

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